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Create your concert flyer with Photoshop

You are ready for your next concert! Only to sell more tickets, you need a good marketing strategy. Using a flyer can help you reach your goal. The good news is that you can create your own concert flyer using Photoshop.

Choose the right template for your concert flyer

The simplest way to design a concert flyer with Photoshop is to use templates. You can easily find one on ClubPSD. However, you need to download the right template. When you go to choose one, consider matching it with the musical style of your band. So, if, for example, your style is R&B, opt for a clean flyer with soft lines and images that express the atmosphere of your concert. While if you are playing punk rock, you can use a grungy look with graffiti.

Customize your template using Photoshop

Once you’ve downloaded your template, open it in Photoshop. To do this, launch Photoshop then click on “New”. A window will appear, allowing you to choose the template you have just downloaded. The template will then open with the different “Layers” which allow you to customize each element of your template. You can thus change the background of your creation using either a solid color or an image. You can also add and modify texts, add shapes or insert images. Once you are satisfied with your creation, remember to save your work. To print it, save your flyer in PDF format.

Create an eye-catching concert flyer

In order for your concert flyer to fulfill its role, its design must catch the eyes of your targets. To do this, consider using colors that easily catch the eye. Don’t be afraid to use flashy colors. With a dark background, the contrast will only be more attractive. Also, remember to highlight important information by using specific fonts and use large text. When it comes to images, be sure to choose high-quality images for your printing to be successful.

Create your concert flyer with Photoshop